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Martina Sciotto is reporting that Italian ballerina Martina Sciotto has won her case at the EU Court of Justice against Fondazione Teatro dell'Opera di Roma, which had employed her as a ballet dance from 2007 until 2011 under a series of fixed-length contracts.

The EU court has ruled that workers in the opera and orchestral sectors cannot be excluded from protection against fixed-term employment contracts, noting that Italian law in the operatic and orchestral foundations sector does not provide any limit regarding the maximum total duration or number of renewals of fixed term contracts.

In 2013 the Tribunale di Roma had dismissed Sciotto's 2012 request for the Rome court to declare that the fixed terms applying to these contracts were unlawful, and to convert her employment relationship into a contract of unlimited duration.

The ruling could have implications for other people working for operatic and orchestral foundations in the European Union.


Posted: 30 October 2018

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