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E J Moeran: Complete Solo Songs

CHAN 10596(2) (2 discs)


Playing time: 50'09"/68'32" - TT 118'41"
Tracks: 25 + 33
Booklet pages: 60
© 2010 Chandos Records Ltd
Reviewer: Patric Standford
Review of E J Moeran: Complete Solo Songs published on 8 December 2010

Geraldine McGreevy, soprano
Adrian Thompson, tenor
Roderick Williams, baritone
John Talbot, piano
Members of Weybridge Male Voice Choir

Ernest John Moeran (1894-1950):


1 Spring goeth all in white (Robert Seymour Bridges)

2 When June is come (Robert Seymour Bridges)

3 Mantle of Blue (Padraig Colum)

4 Twilight (John Edward Masefield)

Ludlow Town (Alfred Edward Housman)
5 When smoke stood up from Ludlow
6 Farewell to barn and stack and tree
7 Say, lad, have you things to do?
8 The lads in their hundreds

Two Songs
9 The Bean Flower (Dorothy Leigh Sayers)
10 Impromptu in March (Doreen A E Wallace)

11 In Youth is Pleasure (Robert Wever)

12 The Merry Month of May (Thomas Dekker)

13 A Dream of Death (William Butler Yeats)

14 Come Away, Death (William Shakespeare)

15 Troll the Bowl (Thomas Dekker)

16 Can't You Dance the Polka! (sea shanty, author anonymous)
Members of Weybridge Male Voice Choir

17 Mrs Dyer, the Baby Farmer (Victorian crime ballad, author anonymous)
Members of Weybridge Male Voice Choir

18 Maltworms (attributed to William Stevenson)
Members of Weybridge Male Voice Choir

Seven Poems by James Joyce
19 Strings in the earth and air
20 The Merry Green Wood
21 Bright cap
22 The Pleasant Vallet
23 Donnycarney
24 Rain has fallen
25 Now, O now, in this brown land


1 When I came last to Ludlow (Alfred Edward Housman)

2 'Tis time I think by Wenlock town (Alfred Edward Housman)

3 Far in a Western Brookland (Alfred Edward Housman)

4 Loveliest of trees (Alfred Edward Housman)

Oh fair enough are sky and plain (Alfred Edward Housman)
5 First version
6 Second version
7 Third version

8 Weep you no more (sixteenth century, author anonymous)

9 The Sweet o' the year (William Shakespeare)

10 The day of palms (Arthur William Symons)

11 Blue-eyed Spring (Robert Nichols)

12 Rosefrail (James Joyce)

13 Tilly (James Joyce)

14 Rahoon (James Joyce)

Four English Lyrics
15 Cherry Ripe (Thomas Campion)
16 Willow Song (John Fletcher)
17 The Constant Lover (William Brown)
18 The Passionate Shepherd (Christopher Marlowe)

Four Shakespeare Songs
19 The Lover and his Lass
20 Where the bee sucks
21 When daisies pied
22 When icycles hang by the wall

23 Diaphenia (Henry Chettle or Henry Constable)

24 Rosaline (Thomas Lodge)

25 The Monk's Fancy (Henry J Hope)

26 Invitation in Autumn (Seumas O'Sullivan)

27 If There be Any Gods (Seumas O'Sullivan)

Six Poems of Seumas O'Sullivan
28 Evening
29 The Poplars
30 A Cottager
31 The Dustman
32 Lullaby
33 The Herdsman


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