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Sculpting the Air - Modern Works for Wind Instruments



Playing time: [c59'55"]
Tracks: 13
Booklet pages: 0
© 2011 Navona Records LLC
Reviewer: Paul Sarcich
Review of Sculpting the Air - Modern Works for Wind Instruments published on 8 February 2012

Listen: Barry Seroff: A Forum For Abandoned Euro Leaders (track 8, 0:00-1:00)

Samuel Barber (1910-1981):
1 Summer Music
Solaris Quintet

James Adler (born 1950):
2 Reverie, Interrupted
Jordan P Smith, tenor saxophone
James Adler, piano

Russ Lombardi (born 1945):
3 The Answer is No
Michael Finegold, solo flute
Douglas Worthen, flute
Vanessa Mulvey, flute
Judith Braude, flute
Peggy Friedland, alto flute
Linda True, alto flute

Jan Van Der Roost (born 1956):
Chemical Suite
4 Kalium Cyanide
5 Glycerine
6 Chloroform
7 Ethanol
Daniel Speer Trombone Quartet

Barry Seroff (born 1978):
8 A Forum for Abandoned Euro Leaders
Juventas Ensemble

Brian Gillett (born 1972):
9 Perihelion
Black Sea Brass Quintet
Brian Gillett, conductor

Juan Sebastian Lach Lau (born 1970):
10 yenealonaedie
Moravian Philharmonic Chamber Players

Richard Crosby (born 1957):
Sonata for Trombone and Piano Op 1
11 Moderato
12 Andante lamentoso
13 Allegro
Ken Haddix, trombone
Richard Crosby, piano

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