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A Double Experiment

Avant-garde and late romanticism
at La Sagra Malatestiana,


As I wrote here on 4 September 2010, both in Italy and abroad, Rimini is generally known as a beach resort on the Adriatic Coast. It is very crowded with happy-go-lucky youngsters during the summer months. There are amusement 'theme parks' for young people of all ages, dancing night clubs and the like. In the autumn, it is one of the preferred spots for the retirees; prices are lower, the climate is mild, the sky and sea are blue and there are many bridge clubs.

Few music lovers are aware that Rimini is also the location of one the most interesting music festivals, called 'Sagra Musicale Malatestiana' after the Malatesta family which in the Renaissance ruled the city and the surrounding areas and built some interesting monuments...

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Rome, Italy




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