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J S Bach; Ginastera; Mehmari; Rachmaninoff - Simone Leitão, piano

MS 1405


Playing time: 62'15"
Tracks: 16
Booklet pages: 12
© 2011 Simone Leitão
Reviewer: Howard Smith
Review of J S Bach; Ginastera; Mehmari; Rachmaninoff - Simone Leitão, piano published on 25 March 2012

Listen: Mehmari: Toccata (Grande baião de Concerto) (track 13, 0:00-1:00)

Simone Leitão, piano

Johann Sebastian Bach (1685-1770):
English Suite No 3 in G minor
1 Prelude
2 Allemande
3 Courante
4 Sarabande
5 Gavotte I and II
6 Gigue

Alberto Ginastera (1916-1983):
Sonata No 1 Op 22
7 Allegro marcato
8 Presto misterioso
9 Adagio molto appassionato
10 Ruvido et ostinato

André Mehmari (born 1977):
Grande baião de Concerto (2011)
11 Primeira parte (introdução)
12 Segunda parte - andante
13 Terceira parte - toccata

Sergei Rachmaninoff (1873-1943):
Sonata No 2 Op 36 (1931)
14 Allegro agitato
15 Non allegro
16 L'istesso tempo - allegro molto

Known for her intense vitality, ample technical means, strong rhythmic drive and fire in her performances, Simone Leitão continues to rise as one of the most exciting pianists of her generation to emerge from Brazil. With an active career as soloist, Simone, a native of Minas Gerais state, lives in the United States. Her recitals, chamber and orchestra appearances have taken her to major halls in Brazil, USA, Europe and China. Leitão holds a DMA (Doctor of Musical Arts - 2009) in piano performance from the University of Miami, studio of Ivan Davis; Master of Music in Piano Performance from Norges MusikkHögskole (The Norwegian Academy of Music), Oslo, class of Geir Braaten and Bachelor of Music from the University of Rio de Janeiro.

She has frequently performed as well as recorded for Brazil's public radio and TV and published articles about music and society in Brazil's largest newspapers.

'Mômoprecóce, fantasy for piano and orchestra, represents Villa-Lobos' modernist vein ... ... Leitão was the capable, note-perfect soloist in this eleborate work. She was most convincing in the dreamy, rhapsodic sections in which she displayed stirring lyrical sweep.'


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