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Keyboard3 - Works for Piano, Harpsichord and Organ



Playing time: 67'57"
Tracks: 14
Booklet pages: 0
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Sent to a reviewer on 5 April 2013

Sergio Cervetti:

Tres Estudios Australes
1 Sangre en Flor en las Malvinas (Young Blood in the Falklands)
2 El Agujero en el Cielo de la Antártida (The Hole in the Sky of the Antarctic)
3 Las Nubes de Magallanes (The Magellan Clouds)
Karolina Rojahn, piano

4 Alberada
María Teresa Chenlo, harpsichord

5 Hard Rock
María Teresa Chenlo, harpsichord

6 Candombe
María Teresa Chenlo, harpsichord

Seven Farewells to Paradise
7 'O Adam, ('O Allen) one Almighty is, from whom all things proceed
8 A happy rural seat of various view
9 Under a tuft of shade that on a green stood whispering soft
10 Him the Almighty Power hurled headlong flaming from the ethereal sky
11 Wave rolling after wave
12 Then wilt thou not be loath to leave this Paradise
13 Passacaglia; They hand in hand ... through EDEN took their solitary way
Sergio Cervetti, piano

14 In Principio Erat Verbum
Karel Martínek, organ

Recorded 9 March 2012 at the Shalin Liu Performance Center, Rockport MA, USA (1-3), November 1995 at Casa de América, Madrid, Spain (4-6), Morningstar Studios, East Norriton PA, USA (7-13) and 2 July 2011 at St Maurice Church, Olomouc, Czech Republic (14)

PDF scores and liner notes available on the CD


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