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Ronald Stevenson Piano Music Volume One - A Celtic Album

TOCC 0272


Playing time: 69'04"
Tracks: 25
Booklet pages: 8
© 2015 Toccata Classics
Reviewer: Gerald Fenech
Review of Ronald Stevenson Piano Music Volume One - A Celtic Album published on 24 August 2016

Listen: Ronald Stevenson: Heroic Song for Hugh MacDiarmid (A Scottish Triptych) (track 6, 0:00-0:59)

Christopher Guild, piano (Steinway)

Ronald Stevenson (1928-2015):

A Wheen Tunes fae Bairns tae Spiel: Four Scottish Pieces for Piano (1964)
1 Croon
2 Drone
3 Reel
4 Spiel

A Scottish Triptych (1959-67)
5 Keening Sang for a Makar: In Memoriam Francis George Scott (1959)
6 Heroic Song for Hugh MacDiarmid (1967)
7 Chorale-Pibroch for Sorley MacLean (1967)

South Uist (Hebridean) Folk-song Suite (1969)
8 Sailing Song: Lively, jolly, robust
9 A Witching Song for the Milking: Allegro
10 A Little Mouth Music: Allegro alla danza
11 A Waulking Song: Moderato
12 Spinning Song: Allegro corrente
13 A Tired Mother's Lullaby: Andante stanco
14 The Christ Child's Lullaby: Andante semplice

15 A Rosary of Variations on Seán Ó Riada's Irish Folk Mass (1980) (first recording)

Scottish Folk Music Settings (1956-80)
16 John Anderson, my Jo (1961): Lento con moto (first recording)
17 Waly, Waly (1959): Andante
18 A Rosebud by my Early Walk (1961): Allegretto
19 Lang hae we Pairted Been (1961): Andante (first recording)
20 From an Old Pibroch (1956, revised 1965): Allegretto/Andante (first recording)
21 Ca' the Yowes (1965): Andante (first recording)
22 Jock o' Hazeldean (undated): Andante fluente (first recording)
23 The Hielen Widow's Lament (1965): Lento con moto
24 Hard is my Fate (1980): Moderato stoico
25 Ne'erday Sang (1962, revised 1963): Andante ardente

Recorded 21 and 22 August 2014 in the Recital Room, Edinburgh Society of Musicians, Edinburgh, Scotland


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