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Bernardo Pasquini's
Passion Oratorio -
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'... a moving interpretation, full of ardent singing and impassioned energy ...'

Bernardo Pasquini: La sete di Christo - Passion Oratorio. © 2015 note 1 music gmbh

Thus wrote Francesco Gasparini in his learned treatise 'L'armonico pratico al cimbalo' published in 1708 in Venice:

Whoever was lucky enough to play or learn under the direction of the widely renowned Bernardo Pasquini, or to have at least heard or saw him play, could become acquainted with the most authentic, beautiful and noble manner of playing and accompanying.

From this statement it is not difficult to understand what an accomplished musician Pasquini was. Indeed, those who have dedicated themselves to the study of the harpsichord or organ frequently come across his compositions, which are highly valued in the light of the development of late-baroque Italian keyboard music. As with many composers of his generation, Bernardo Pasquini (1637-1710) found himself under the patronage and sponsorship of such eminent personalities in Rome as Cardinal Pietro Ottoboni and Christina of Sweden, who eventually became the catalysts of the stylistic and formal development of instrumental and dramatic vocal music in Italy up to the late baroque period...

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