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TIARA ATAII watches the recently released film
'Written by Mrs Bach: Broken Silence'
and discusses the issues raised


When Pamela Kaufman asked how her old friend Martin Jarvis (the musicologist who had the idea behind the film Written by Mrs Bach) had been getting on, she was informed that he had just finished writing his PhD at Charles Darwin University in Australia. Perhaps more surprising was that his PhD was written entirely on the theory that Johann Sebastian Bach's wife, Anna Magdalena, had written the six cello suites and the first prelude in The Well-Tempered Clavier, amongst other compositions. 'Don't be ridiculous' was Pamela's first reaction, though nine years later she would find herself as the Executive Producer of the films Written by Mrs Bach and Written by Mrs Bach: Broken Silence, the latter being premiered on Thursday 7 April 2016.

Written by Mrs Bach: Broken Silence is essentially an extended version of Written by Mrs Bach, screened by BBC Four in 2015...

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