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A Great Distance - Juliet Petrus and Lydia Qiu

MS 1495


Playing time: 56'34"
Tracks: 25
Booklet pages: 28
© 2015 Juliet Petrus
Reviewer: Geoff Pearce
Review of A Great Distance - Juliet Petrus and Lydia Qiu published on 5 February 2017

Juliet Petrus, soprano
Lydia Qiu, piano

Huang Zi:
1 Dian Jiang Chun - Poetry on Ascending
2 Missing Homeland
3 Spring Nostalgia
4 Flower Hunting in the Snow
5 The Three Wishes of the Rose

Xiao YouMei:
6 Query

Qing Zhu:
7 I live at the top of the Yangtze River

John Alden Carpenter:
8 On a Screen
9 The Odalisque
10 Highwaymen
11 To a Young Gentleman

Ding ShanDe:
Dianxi Poems
12 In a Distance
13 Sani Girl
14 Couple on a Skiff
15 Butterfly Spring
16 Camelias

Luo Maishuo:
17 On that mountain lane
18 Joyful Snowflake

John Duke:
Four Chinese Love Lyrics
19 Waiting
20 Tucked-up Skirts
21 Incense and Moonlight
22 The Fifth Watch of the Night

Chinese Folk Music
23 Swallow
24 The Murmuring Brook
25 Mayila Variations (arranged by Hu TingJiang)

Recorded 22-26 May 2015 at Brookwood Studio Inc, Chicago, USA


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