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Songs of Peace and Praise



Playing time: 58'06"
Tracks: 15
Booklet pages: 16
© 2017 Naxos Rights US Inc
Reviewer: Gerald Fenech
Review of Songs of Peace and Praise published on 28 April 2018

Listen: Edward Smaldone: L'Infinito (track 4, 3:30-4:24)

Kathryn Wieckhorst, soprano (Maman, track 3)
Alex Guerrero, tenor (Priest, track 3)
Steven Morse, baritone (Mayor, track 3)
Youn Ju Namkoong, piano (track 3)
Sarah Griffiths, soprano (track 4)
The New York Virtuosi Singers (tracks 1-4)
Harold Rosenbaum, conductor (tracks 1-4)
Jeremy Chan, piano (tracks 5-6)
Aiko Imaizumi, piani (tracks 5-6)
Alex Cauttero, percussion (tracks 5-6)
Sean Kelly, percussion (tracks 5-6)
Stefano di Lorenzo, percussion (tracks 5-6)
Queens College Choir (tracks 5-6)
Bright Sheng, conductor (tracks 5-6)
Emily John, harp (track 7)
Paul Kerekes, piano (track 14)
John A Wolfe, organ (track 15)
Queens College Choir and Vocal Ensemble (tracks 7-15)
James John, conductor (tracks 7-15), vocal preparation (tracks 5-6)

Hugo Weisgall:

1 God is due praise (Ki lo noeh) (1958)

Allen Brings:

2 In paradisum (1957)

Joel Mandelbaum:

3 The Village - Act I, Finale (1995)

Edward Smaldone:

4 L'infinito (2013)

Bright Sheng:

Two Folk Songs from Qinghai (2010)
5 Morningstar Lily
6 A Pair of Mules

David Schober:

7 Curiosity (2011)

Bruce Saylor:

Missa Constantiae (2007)
8 Kyrie
9 Sanctus
10 Benedictus
11 Agnus Dei

Leo Kraft:

12 Adam in Eden (2003)

Bruce Saylor:

13 Ave Maria (2003)

David Schober:

14 All Creation Sings Praise (2009)

15 O day full of grace (2006)

Choral Music from Queens College, New York, USA


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