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GIUSEPPE PENNISI talks to Francesco Giambrone,
Superindent of Teatro Massimo di Palermo


In March 2018, the New York Times devoted an essay article to the fact that in Sicily, and most notably in Palermo, music, and especially opera, has became an important bastion against the mafia. I took the opportunity of my last visit to Palermo for the opening night of I Puritaniread Revival or World Premiere?, 20 April 2018 — to discuss the subject with the Superintendent of Palermo's Teatro Massimo, Francesco Giambrone. I have known Mr Giambrone for several years, since he was the Superintendent of the Florence opera house and festival and, inter alia, he gave the audience a compelling production of Richard Strauss' Die Frau ohne Schattenread Difficult to Forget, 2 May 2010...

Copyright © 10 May 2018 Giuseppe Pennisi,
Rome, Italy






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