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Wooly Publicity

The Flemish
septet Aranis -
heard by the late

'There's no doubting Aranis' outright professionalism and faultless ensemble; and the fifty-five minute programme has a degree of variety.'

Aranis II. © 2007 Aranis

The more 'alternative' a performer or group becomes, the greater publicists flounder when categorizing their artist/s.

As a result groups such as Aranis do themselves no favours with screeds of woolly publicity; much of it seemingly cobbled together by cadet reviewers. The following 'bumpf' in describing this young Flemish septet is fairly typical.

With reference to flautist Jana Arns the ensemble's own blurb has this to say: 'The sound of her instrument gives Aranis a very special glow...

Copyright © 19 September 2018 Estate of the late Howard Smith,
Masterton, New Zealand





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