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It now remains to be seen how the Count will test Clarice. His device is to pretend total loss of fortune and that he has been bought up by an outlandish Turk. This production hardly disguises him at all, but his possessions melt dutifully away, as with some reluctance do the hangers-on. It will of course make excellent copy for the local rag.

Watch and listen -- Il Conte Asdrubale (Act 1) (DVD1 chapter 11, 66:48-67:47)
© 2007 Opus Arte / Teatro Real

Only Clarice survives the apparent catastrophe, and Act 1 ends with future happiness apparently assured. Is there any need for an Act 2? Of course, and Clarice has made casual mention of a long-lost twin brother, who might possibly be on the way home.

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Copyright © 21 May 2008 Robert Anderson, Cairo, Egypt


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