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It is now the turn for Golitsyn to be undone, as he is carried to disgrace and exile through the lamentations of the people. Tsar Peter has confined his protectress in a monastery but is about to be equally unsuccessful against the Turks.

Watch and listen -- 'They are carrying him, they truly are' (Act 4 scene 2)
(DVD2 chapter 4, 17:15-18:15) © 2007 Opus Arte/Gran Teatre del Liceu

The terrible conclusion to the work is the mass suicide, under the direction of Dosifei, of the Old Believers. For Elena Zaremba's compelling Marfa this is the inevitable conclusion to her doomed love for the Prince Andrei of Vladimir Galouzine, as their life's candle is finally extinguished.

Watch and listen -- 'The trumpet of the Everlasting' (Act 5)
(DVD2 chapter 11, 55:13-56:28) © 2007 Opus Arte/Gran Teatre del Liceu

Copyright © 1 June 2008 Robert Anderson, Cairo, Egypt


Modest Musorgsky: Khovanshchina

OA 0989 D NTSC 1xDVD9,1xDVD5 16:9 Anamorphic All regions LPCM Stereo, Digital DTS Surround NEW RELEASE 192' Opus Arte/Gran Teatre del Liceu 2007, Opus Arte 2008

Vladimir Ognovenko, Prince Ivan Khovansky; Vladimir Galouzine, Prince Andrei Khovansky; Robert Brubaker, Prince Vasily Golitsyn; Nikolai Putilin, Shaklovity; Vladimir Vaneev, Dosifei; Elena Zaremba, Marfa; Graham Clark, Scribe; Nataliya Tymchenko, Emma; Pavel Kudinov, Varsonofev; Francisco Vas, Kuzka; Mikhail Vekua, Streshnev; Dimitar Darlev, Streltsy; Josep Ruiz, a follower of Golitsyn; Symphony Orchestra and Chorus of the Gran Teatre del Liceu; Michael Boder, musical director; Stein Winge, stage director; Chloe Obolensky, sets; Claudie Gastine, costumes; Davy Cunningham, lighting; Inger-Johanne Rütter, choreography; José Luis Basso, chorus master; François de Carpentries, assistant stage director; Albert Estany, assistant stage director; Guerassim Voronkov, assistant musical director; Vsevolod Polonsky, assistant musical director

Modest Musorgsky (1839-1881): Khovanshchina, national music drama in five acts, libretto by the composer, compiled from historical sources by Vladimir Vasilievich Stasov, orchestrated by Dmitri Shostakovich, ending by Guerassim Voronkov (1872-1880, rev 1959)


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