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Telemann in the French Style - The Hanoverian Ensemble

MS 1309


Playing time: 68'37"
Tracks: 21
Booklet pages: 8
© 2008 Hanoverian Foundation
Reviewer: Howard Smith
Review of Telemann in the French Style - The Hanoverian Ensemble published on 14 June 2017

Listen: Telemann: Gracieusement (Quartet in E minor) (track 15, 0:00-0:37)

The Hanoverian Ensemble:
John Solum, flute
Richard Wyton, flute
Krista Bennion Feeney, violin
Claire Jolivet, violin
Monica Gerard, viola
Arthur Fiacco, cello
Jordan Frazier, bass
Kent Trittle, harpsichord
(performing on period instruments)

Georg Philipp Telemann (1681-1767)

Ouverture in E minor TWV 55:e1 (from 'Musique de Table')
for 2 flutes, strings and continuo
1 Lentement, Vite, Lentement
2 Réjouissance
3 Rondeau
4 Loure
5 Passepied
6 Air, un peu vivement
7 Gigue

Trio in B minor TWV 42:h5
for 2 flutes and continuo
8 Tendrement
9 Allegrement
10 Chantant
11 Allegrement

Quartet in E minor ('Paris') TWV 43:e4
for flute, violin, cello, continuo
12 Prélude: A discrétion, très vite, à discrétion
13 Gai
14 Vite
15 Gracieusement
16 Distrait
17 Modéré

Trio in E minor TWV 42:e11
for 2 flutes and continuo
18 Tendrement
19 Viste Gay
20 Grave
21 Allegrement


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