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Mainstreet Brass - By Request - A Collection of Our Favorites

MS 1290


Playing time: 74'33"
Tracks: 18
Booklet pages: 8
© 2008 Mainstreet Brass
Reviewer: Howard Smith
Review of Mainstreet Brass - By Request - A Collection of Our Favorites published on 21 June 2017

Listen: Perrey and Kingsley, arr Smith: Baroque Hoedown (track 4, 0:45-1:28)

Mainstreet Brass Quintet:
Kevin Long, trumpet
Donald Hughes, trumpet
Shari Gleason-Mayrhofer, horn
Bryan Hay, trombone
Allen Frank, tuba


Richard Groller, percussion (2,4,9,11,14,16)
Michael Vought, percussion (2,4,9,11,14,16)
Gary Rissmiller, drumset (6,7,10,13)

Alan Danson:
1 Intrada (composed for Mainstreet Brass on 15th anniversary)

Nicolai Rimsky-Korsakov, arranged Kevin Long:
2 Procession of Nobles

Trad. Scottish folk song, arranged for MSB by Carol Traupman-Carr:
3 Loch Lomond

Jean-Jacques Perrey and Gershon Kingsley, arranged for MSB by Jonathan Smith:
4 Baroque Hoedown

Traditional, arranged Alan Danson:
5 Medley of Rhymes for Five Brass (Oranges and Lemons / Three Blind Mice / Humpty Dumpty / Goosey Goosey Gander / Sing a Song of Sixpence )

Duke Ellington, arranged by David Koshyna:
6 It Don't Mean A Thing (If It Ain't Got That Swing)

Traditional, arranged for MSB by Jonathan Smith:
7 Melodies of Japan (I Found a Small Piece of Autumn / Sukiyaki Song (Hachidai Nakamura) / The Flower / Rain / Picking Up Tea Leaf / Kiso-Bushi I and II / Zuizui Zukkorobashi)

Louis Moreau Gottschalk, arranged Mark Tezak:
8 Souvenir de Porto Rico

Lee Holdridge, arranged for MSB by Jonathan Smith:
9 An American Hymn - I Am Home

Jelly Roll Morton, arranged Jeffrey Piper:
10 Dead Man Blues

Arranged for MSB by Jonathan Smith:
11 iSpy (Henry Mancini: Peter Gunn, Quincy Jones: Soul Bossa Nova, Lalo Schifrin: Mission Impossible, Monty Norman: James Bond)

W A Mozart, arranged by David Marlatt:
12 Queen of the Night's Aria (The Magic Flute)

Karl Suessdorf, arranged for MSB by Lewis J Buckley:
13 Moonlight in Vermont

Shelton Brooks, arranged by Kenneth Amis:
14 Darktown Strutters' Ball

Stephen Foster, arranged for MSB by Gregory Helseth:
15 Beautiful Dreamer

Phil Coulter and James Galway, arranged for MSB by Jonathan Smith:
16 Winter Crossing

Jay Ungar, arranged Lewis J Buckley:
17 Ashokan Farewell

Louis Moreau Gottschalk, arranged Theodore A Cory:
18 Tournament Galop


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