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Morten Lauridsen: Choral Works



Playing time: 68'56"
Tracks: 17
Booklet pages: 12
© 2007 Naxos Rights International Ltd
Reviewer: Howard Smith
Review of Morten Lauridsen: Choral Works published on 11 December 2016

Listen: She tells her love while half asleep (track 14, 0:00-0:44)

Elora Festival Singers
Leslie De'Ath, piano (Les Chansons des Roses, Mid-Winter Songs)
Noel Edison, conductor

Morten Lauridsen (born 1943):

Choral Works

1 O nata lux, from Lux aeterna (1997)

Madrigali - Six 'Fire Songs' on Italian Renaissance poems

2 Ov'è, lass', il bel viso
3 Quando son più lontan
4 Amor, lo sento l'alma
5 Io piango
6 Luci serene e chiare
7 Se per haverni, oimè

Les Chansons des Roses (Rainer Maria Rilke)

8 En une seule fleur
9 Contre qui, rose
10 De ton rêve trop plein
11 La rose complète / Dirait-on

Mid-Winter Songs (on poems by Robert Graves)

12 Lament for Pasiphaë
13 Like snow
14 She tells her love while half asleep
15 Mid-Winter waking
16 Intercession in late October

17 O magnum mysterium


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