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M&V articles about Carson Cooman

CD Spotlight. Special Merit - Contemporary music for soprano, violin and piano impressed the late Howard Smith. '... remarkable balance, clarity and sensitivity.'

CD Spotlight. Well-Intentioned - Music for seafarers, heard by Howard Smith. '... a lot to recommend it ...'

Record Box. Extremely Prolific - Music by Carson Cooman, reviewed by Patric Standford

CD Spotlight. Talented and Promising - Music by Carson P Cooman, recommended by Ron Bierman. '... striking felicities of orchestral expression ...'

CD Spotlight. Threads - Music by Carson Cooman, considered by Patric Standford. '... an ecstatic all American sound ...'

MV3, with Gordon Rumson and Keith Bramich - M&V's monthly visit to the world of online music

Music & Vision articles by Carson Cooman

Carson Cooman talks to Benjamin Lees about his Piano Concerto No 3

Carson Cooman talks to Meira Warshauer about her new Symphony, 'Living, Breathing Earth'

Carson Cooman talks to Joan Tower about her new piece 'Chamber Dance'

Carson Cooman talks to Judith Lang Zaimont about her Symphony for Wind Orchestra in Three Scenes

Carson Cooman talks to John Harbison about his new Concerto for Bass Viol

Carson Cooman talks to Joshua Feltman about his new work, 'The Ties that Bind'

Carson Cooman talks to Jennifer Higdon about her new Trombone Concerto

Orchestral music by Ukrainian composers

Carson Cooman talks to Michael Woods about his new work 'Pieces of Light'

Carson Cooman talks to Tobias Picker about his new opera 'An American Tragedy'

Carson Cooman talks to Peter Lieberson about the forthcoming performances of 'Neruda Songs'

Carson Cooman talks to Michael Gandolfi about the forthcoming première of his new chamber work 'Plain Song, Fantastic Dances'

Carson Cooman talks to Augusta Read Thomas about the forthcoming première of her new orchestral work 'Credences of Summer'

Carson Cooman talks to Julia Scott Carey about the forthcoming première of her new Piano Concerto

Carson Cooman talks to Nancy Galbraith about the forthcoming première of her new Requiem

Carson Cooman talks to David Stock as the première of Stock's Fifth String Quartet approaches

Carson Cooman talks to Charles Wuorinen before the première of Wuorinen's Fourth Piano Concerto

In the first of a new series, Carson Cooman talks to Leonardo Balada before the première of the opera 'Death of Columbus'


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