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A selection of M&V 'Colombia' articles

CD Spotlight. Evocative Stuff - Vocal and choral music by Jaime León, heard by Gerald Fenech. 'Performances are unerringly fresh and balanced ...'

DVD Spotlight. Extraordinary Ingenuity - Benjamin Yusupov's 'Viola Tango Rock Concerto', reviewed by Howard Smith. 'The work has a substance and impact that took me quite by storm.'

Ensemble. Great Sensitivity - The Vienna Tonkünstler Orchestra, heard by Mike Wheeler

CD Spotlight. A Curate's Egg - Tangos and fantasies, explored by Howard Smith. '... good in parts.'

CD Spotlight. Infectiously joyful - Choral music from the South American folk tradition, appreciated by Malcolm Tattersall. '... one of those rare discs which nearly everyone will like.'

CD Spotlight. River spirits - The opera 'Florencia en el Amazonas' as recorded by Albany, appreciated by Maria Nockin. '... shimmering iridescent music ...'

Record box - Born by the sea. Folk dances from Colombia, with Basil Ramsey


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