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A selection of M&V 'Yorkshire' articles

Ask Alice - Classical Music agony aunt Alice McVeigh is spotted in Yorkshire, playing solo cello

Ensemble. Overtly Operatic - Sinfonia Viva's summer schools' residency project, attended by Mike Wheeler

CD Spotlight. Instinctive Artistry - Jill Crossland plays Mozart and Beethoven, heard by Howard Smith. '... a distinctive, beautifully considered performance.'

CD Spotlight. Spellbinding Artistry - Jonathan Plowright plays Chopin, recommended by Howard Smith. '... positively hair-raising.'

Ensemble. A New Path - Music by Oliver Rudland, heard by Robert Anderson

A Model of Clarity - A new score of Elgar's 'Mina', appraised by Robert Anderson

CD Spotlight. Imaginative and Challenging - Music by Philip Wilby, heard by Patric Standford. 'Nothing stands still for long ...'

Ask Alice - On orchestral horn solos and funding cuts, with classical music agony aunt Alice McVeigh


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