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A selection of M&V 'Amadeus Press' articles

A Useful Survey - Thomas May's 'The John Adams Reader', reviewed by Mike Wheeler

Punchy and Informative - John Bell Young's survey of the Beethoven symphonies, read by Gerald Fenech

Enthusiastically Recommended - Howard Smith reads an 'owner's manual' of Sibelius orchestral works

Extremely Detailed - Daniel Felsenfeld's 'Tchaikovsky - A Listener's Guide', reviewed by Anna L Franco

A Comprehensive Overview - David Hurwitz on Dvorák, recommended by Ron Bierman

A Terrific Introduction - A guide to Mozart's instrumental music, recommended by Ron Bierman

Book review: Eloquent Insights - A listeners' guide to the music of Haydn, reviewed by Anna Franco

Precise and Lucid - M Owen Lee's book 'The Great Instrumental Works', enthusiastically recommended by Howard Smith

Recent Releases - Books, paintings and music at a writers' event, reviewed by Anna Franco

Useful insights - Daniel Felsenfeld's book 'Samuel Barber and Benjamin Britten. Their lives and their music', reviewed by Mike Wheeler


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