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Moeran Complete Solo Folksong Arrangements



Playing time: 65'38"
Tracks: 26
Booklet pages: 24
© 2010 British Music Society
Reviewer: Patric Standford
Review of Moeran Complete Solo Folksong Arrangements published on 9 July 2011

Adrian Thompson, tenor (AT)
Marcus Farnsworth, baritone (MF)
John Talbot, piano
Members of the Weybridge Male Voice Choir (WMVC)
Christine Best, conductor

E J Moeran (1894-1950):

Six Folksongs from Norfolk: (MF)
1 Down by the Riverside
2 The Bold Richard
3 Lonely Waters
4 The Pressgang
5 The Shooting of His Dear
6 The Oxford Sporting Blade

7 The North Sea Ground (MF)
8 High Germany (MF)
9 The Sailor and Young Nancy (MF, WMVC)
10 The Little Milkmaid (MF)
11 The Jolly Carter (MF, WMVC)
12 Parson and Clerk (MF)
13 Gaol Song (MF, WMVC)

Six Suffolk Folksongs:
14 Nutting Time (MF)
15 Blackberry Fold (MF)
16 Cupid's Garden (MF)
17 Father and Daughter (AT)
18 The Isle of Cloy (AT)
19 A Seaman's Life (AT)

Songs from County Kerry: (AT)
20 The Dawning of the Day
21 My Love Passed Me By
22 The Murder of Father Hanratty
23 The Roving Dingle Boy
24 The Lost Lover
25 The Tinker's Daughter
26 Kitty, I am in Love with You


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