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Antares - Works By Lieberson and Reynolds



Playing time: 60'58"
Tracks: 9
Booklet pages: 8
© 2010 Antares
Reviewer: Howard Smith
Review of Antares - Works By Lieberson and Reynolds published on 29 March 2012

Listen: Lieberson: Vivace grazioso (Tashi Quartet) (track 2, 0:00-0:45)

Garrick Zoeter, clarinet
Jesse Mills, violin (Lieberson)
Vesselin Gellev, violin (Reynolds)
Rebecca Patterson, cello
Eric Huebner, piano

Peter Lieberson:

Tashi Quartet (1978)
1 Allegro
2 Vivace grazioso
3 Scherzo
4 Adagio tranquillo
5 Allegro moderato

Roger Reynolds:

Shadowed Narrative (1978-81)
6 '... a boyish excitement ...'
7 '... lamenting poverty ...'
8 '... Those were the times ...'
9 '... while they were playing ...'

'Antares, an ensemble founded to perform Messaien's Quartet for the End of Time, releases this recording of two major works written for one of the group's predecessors, the Tashi Quartet, by two of America's most influential composers, Peter Lieberson and Roger Reynolds. Both works represent a degree of experimentation for each composer, with Lieberson adopting a Stravinsky-inspired approach to twelve tone harmony, and Reynolds using Gabriel Garcia Marquez prose as a new model for structuring the syntax of phrasing and how the instruments in the ensemble interact.'


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