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Soothing the Barons

Eleventh to fifteenth century
vocal and instrumental music
from Fleurs de Lys,
enjoyed by KEITH BRAMICH


Part of a weekend event called The Barons' Revolt and advertised with the double-entendre subtitle 'Music to soothe the revolting barons', this 5 July 2013 concert began with a song describing the ever-topical problem of a guy making a fool of himself over a girl. Great care was taken over the spoken introductions, so that those of us in the audience not understanding Norman French (or, later, Anglo-Saxon) were always kept in the picture. The three sonorous female voices of Fleurs de Lys blended nicely, and audience captivation was near instant. Many numbers had been prepared by the group specially for this concert...

Copyright © 6 July 2013 Keith Bramich,
Worcestershire UK





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