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Lewis Spratlan, Jenny Kallick and John Downey: Architect - a chamber opera

NV5905 (2 discs)


Playing time: c60'/63'46" - TT c120'
Tracks/Chapters: 15 + 15
Booklet pages: 20
© 2013 Navona Records LLC
Sent to a reviewer on 7 October 2013

Listen: Lewis Spratlan: Concrete (Architect) (CD track 7, 2:21-3:28)

Julia Fox, soprano
Jeffrey Lentz, tenor
Richard Lalli, baritone

Lauren Basney, violin
Amelia Clingman, viola
Jonathan Lewis, cello
Yasuke Suzuki, bass
Ellen Redman, flute
Kirsten Lipkens, oboe
Mary Joy Patchett, saxophone
Jean Jeffries, horn
John Andress, percussion
Mark Lane Swanson, music director

Lewis Spratlan, John Downey and Jenny Kallick:

Architect, a chamber opera

CD and DVD

Prologue: Architect studio
1 Trickster's complaint (electroacoustic)
2 Departure (electroacoustic)

Scene 1: At the ruins
3 Duet. Ritual and Space (Guide, Architect)
4 Aria. Flame (Architect)

Scene 2: Architect's studio
5 Recitative and Aria. Waiting (Woman)
6 Waiting (electroacoustic)

Scene 3: Engineer's office
7 Recitative and Duet. Concrete (Architect, Engineer)

Scene 4: Architect's studio
8 Seeking (electroacoustic)
9 Aria. Seeking (Woman)

Scene 5: Healer's Laboratory
10 Sanctuary (electroacoustic)
11 Recitative and Aria. Sanctuary (Architect, Healer)
12 Aria. Dream (Woman)
13 Dream (electroacoustic)

Scene 6: At the water's edge
14 Recitative. Arrival (Architect, Healer)
15 Trio. Arrival (Architect, Healer, Woman)


Full score
Vocal score
Instrumental parts
Electroacoustic preludes and interludes
Performance guide
About the Project - essay with image and sound galleries
About the Video - essay with image gallery
Takemitsu: Rocking Mirror Daybreak for violin duo (bonus track)
About the Takemitsu recording - essay and image gallery

Composed by Pulitzer Prize-winner Lewis Spratlan (vocal and instrumental music) with librettist and electroacoustic composers Jenny Kallick and John Downey, Architect is an exploration of the relationship between the aural and visual - how they interact, intertwine, and define each other. Based on the life and work of renowned twentieth-century architect Louis I Kahn, the opera portrays the powerful emotions that inspire his creative journey as he seeks to discover the principles that will guide his life’s work, namely, the relationships between sound and space, connections between the past and present, and the incorporation of a material's innate characteristics into a larger whole. Deftly blending instrumental and vocal music with electroacoustic segments drawn from recordings created onsite at Kahn's buildings, Spratlan, Kallick, and Downey unfold a sprawling, powerful, and evocative landscape that brings his work to life and demonstrates the architect's assertion that 'to hear a sound is to see a space'. Recorded at Buckley Recital Hall, Amherst College, USA on 15 May 2008, this release includes a full audio album; an Enhanced DVD featuring a critically acclaimed film with original watercolors by Michiko Theurer; the complete performance materials and guidelines; and extensive background on the project history, including essays, biographies and source recordings.


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