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A Thrilling Journey into the Unknown

London International Jazz Festival


Dalston's Gillett Square boasts a large piazza set away from the bustling main road, which at night radiates an oasis of light and space with its sparkling fairy light trees, elegant lampposts and, looming through large turquoise windows, the reflection of the Vortex, one of London's leading jazz clubs, set for a memorable evening on 21 November as part of the London International Jazz Festival (15-24 November 2013). The concert featured Evan Parker, one of the leading lights of the British free improvisation scene, joined by his colleagues John Russell, guitar, and John Edwards on bass, and regaled a full house to enjoy an evening of drama that was spellbinding and dreamy from start to finish.

Parker introduced the set by humorously thanking the assembled crowd for 'flying Vortex', reminding us of the myriad rival events going on in the Festival that night: indeed a quick diary search highlighted no less than twenty-three high profile Festival events without including those during the daytime. Yet one felt glad and privileged to be at this unique performance that radiated immediacy, spontaneity, intensity and a white hot glow of creativity, complemented by virtuoso displays from the trio...

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