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Britten to America - Music for Radio and Theatre

NMC D190


Playing time: 78'41"
Tracks: 43
Booklet pages: 24
© 2013 NMC Recordings Ltd
Reviewer: Gerald Fenech
Review of Britten to America - Music for Radio and Theatre published on 22 January 2014

Listen: Britten: Waltz (On the Frontier) (track 39, 0:00-0:57)

Benjamin Britten:

The Ascent of F6 - incidental music - text by W H Auden and Christopher Isherwood
1 Overture
2 Entr'actes for Mr and Mrs A
3 Entr'acte and Gunn's Song: 'The Chimney Sweepers'
4 Ransom: 'O Brothers!'
5 Pantomime
6 Mother's Song: 'Michael, you shall be renowned'
7 Act II Prelude
8 Chant
9 Climbing Music
10 Gunn's Song: 'Some have Tennis Elbow'
11 Climbing Music
12 Cabaret Jazz Song: 'Forget the Dead'
13 Ransom: 'O Senseless Hurricanes'
14 Funeral March and Chorus: 'No News'
15 Blues: 'Stop all the clocks'
16 Mother's Song with Chorus: 'Acts of injustice done'
17 Chorale: 'Free now from indignation'

Jean Rigby, mezzo-soprano (tracks 5, 6 and 16)
Andrew Kennedy, tenor (tracks 3 and 10)
Ex Cathedra
Jeffrey Skidmore, conductor
Samuel West, narrator/Ransom
Mervyn Cooke, Lucy Walker, piano
Nigel Woodhouse, ukelele
Matthew Dickinson, percussion

An American in England (from the BBC/CBS Radio series)
18 London by Clipper (Programme 1)
19 Dover to London (Programme 2)
20 Ration Island (Programme 3)
21 Women of Britain (Programme 4): 'London'
22 Women of Britain: 'You walk down to a part of the city'
23 Women of Britain: 'Warren: To my dearly beloved boy'
24 Women of Britain: 'It's a beautiful August morning'
25 Women of Britain: 'Within 50 Yards'
26 Women of Britain: 'Your first factory'
27 Women of Britain: 'After the last war'
28 Women of Britain: 'You set out for a training camp'

Samuel West, narrator
Hallé Orchestra
Mark Elder, conductor

29 Roman Wall Blues (from Hadrian's Wall - text by W H Auden)

Mary Carewe, mezzo-soprano
Huw Watkins, piano

On the Frontier - Incidental music - text by W H Auden and Christopher Isherwood
30 Overture
31 Ad Libitum
32 The Clock on the Wall Has an Electric Tick
33 Prisoner's Monologue: Industrialists, Bankers, in Comfortable Chairs
34 Fanfare, Act I Scene 1
35 Moderato After Act I, Scene 1
36 Fanfare, Act III Scene 2
37 Marching Songs - Brightly The Sun On Our Weapons is Gleaming
38 Ostnian National Anthem
39 Waltz - The Papers Say There'll Be War Before Long
40 Journalists Song - We Fly To A Cabinet Crisis
41 Interlude After Act III, Scene 2
42 End Chorus: To Build A City

Samuel West, narrator
Ex Cathedra
Jeffrey Skidmore, conductor
Mervyn Cooke, Lucy Walker, piano

43 Where do we go from here? - text by Louis MacNeice - from the BBC/NBC series 'Britain to America'

Mary Carewe, mezzo-soprano
Hallé Orchestra
Harry Ogg, conductor


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