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Carl Nielsen Piano Music - John McCabe

SOMMCD 0146-2 (2 discs)


Playing time: 61'42"/55'44" - TT 117'26"
Tracks: 17 + 10
Booklet pages: 16
© 2015 SOMM Recordings
Reviewer: Gerald Fenech
Review of Carl Nielsen Piano Music - John McCabe published on 9 May 2015

Listen: Nielsen: Theme with Variations (CD2 track 10, 5:30-6:30)

John McCabe, piano

Carl Nielsen (1865-1931):


1 Festival Prelude for the New Century, FS 24 (1900)

Piano Music for Young and Old, FS 148 (Op 53) (1930)
Book 1: The sharp keys
2 I: Allegretto (C); II: Allegretto (A minor); IIIa: Allegro scherzoso; IIIb: Grazioso (G); IV: Andantino (E minor); V: Allegro giocoso (D); VI: Poco lamentoso (B minor)
3 VII: Marziale (A); VIII: Cantabile (F sharp minor); IX: Allegretto civettuolo (E); X: Lugubre (C sharp minor); XI: Andantino poco tiepido (B); XII: Adagio drammatico (G sharp minor)

Symphonic Suite, FS 19 (Op 8) (1894)
4 Intonation: Maestoso
5 Quasi Allegretto
6 Andante
7 Finale: Allegro

Five Pieces, FS 10 (Op 3) (1890)
8 Folk Tune
9 Humoresque
10 Arabesque
11 Mignon
12 Elf-Dance

Three Piano Pieces, FS 131 (Op 59) (1928)
13 Impromptu: Allegro fluente
14 Molto adagio
15 Allegro non troppo

Piano Music for Young and Old, FS 148 (Op 53) (1930)
Book 2: The flat keys
16 XIII: Andantino carino (F); XIV: Capriccioso (D minor); XV: Adagio espressivo (B flat); XVI: Alla cantadina (G minor); XVII: Largo con fantasia (E flat); XVIII: Preludio (C minor)
17 XIX: 'Alla Bach' (A flat); XX: Con sentimento (F minor); XXI: Marcia di goffo (D flat); XXII: Allegretto pastorale (B flat minor); XXIII: Etude (Allegro) (G flat); XXIV: Molto adagio: Allegretto comodo (E flat minor)


1 Humoresque Bagatelles, FS 22, Op 11 (1894-97)
Hello! Hello! (Allegretto); The Spinning Top (Presto); A Little Slow Waltz (Valse lente); The Jumping Jack (Poco allegretto); Puppet March (Allegro moderato); The Musical Clock (Allegretto scherzando)

Suite, FS 91, Op 45 (1919)
2 Allegretto un pochettino
3 Poco moderato
4 Molto adagio e patético
5 Allegro innocente
6 Allegretto vivo
7 Allegro non troppo ma vigoroso

8 Chaconne, FS 79, Op 32 (1916)

9 Dance of the Handmaidens, FS 57 No 5 (1910)

10 Theme with Variations, FS 81, Op 40 (1916-17)

Recorded 1973-4 at St George the Martyr, Holborn, London UK
First issued on Decca Ace of Diamonds, 1975
Transferred from original 15ips analogue open reel masters and remastered in 2015
(A few minor technical issues, due to the age of the original tapes, were largely eliminated during the remastering process.)


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