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CD Spotlight

A Precocious Gift

Orchestral music
by Enrique Soro -
heard by

'The composer's melodic instinct, mastery of orchestration and sense of form are evident throughout ...'

Enrique Soro Orchestral Works. © 2017 Naxos Rights US Inc

Born in Chile on 15 July 1884, Enrique Soro is regarded, and rightly so, as Chile's national composer and an important representative of South American music. Born to an Italian-born father and a local teacher, the boy grew up in a family brimming with musical and literary talent, and it was no surprise that the young Enrique displayed a precocious gift for music when still very young. Initially taught by his father, he made rapid progress, but when his father died, he set sail for Europe in 1898 to make a career on the Old Continent. He graduated at the Milan Conservatory in 1904, following which he travelled to Paris to have his works performed there...

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