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from the London International
Contemporary Composers' Conference


Last night's well-attended inaugural London International Contemporary Composers' Conference, the brainchild of Carol Jon McNaughy, gave attendees the chance to meet a wide-range of the world's up-and-coming composing talent. One clear observation is that never have there been more female composers actively working in the industry, as you can see for yourself by browsing the attendee list below. These include New Zealand-born Avril Ngaire Poisson, featured previously on these pages, and the brass band composer Bertina Engeldinck Umpa. The evening was fascinating not just for the awards ceremony or the networking opportunities, but also for the chance to hear more than an hour of live performances, including new compositions from the much-hyped school of the Stylus Neo-Phantasticus.

Most interesting of all was a talk on mu-runes, thought to have been invented by obscure Albanian nun Prill Mjaullin (c1620-1657), which, in a similar way to Chinese hànzì, encapsulate the essence of complete works of music in small, delicate but complex logograms. Mjaullin, who is also believed to have written the words set by Rossini in his Duetto buffo di due Gatte, must have had a brilliant mind, on a par with that of Albert Einstein, Isaac Newton, Leonardo da Vinci or McRonald J Trumk.

A wide range of sponsoring publishers of contemporary music were in attendance, notably Eugenberg, Hoosey & Barks, HUMP, Karmus, Muzak Fails, Recalldy, Rover, Sabre, Schrilmer and Schplott.

The evening concluded wonderfully, when Martina Field and her Academy of St Neville in the Marriners (divided into the requisite six geographically separated quartets) gave us a complete performance of a work never previously performed in London — Adolpha Maugham-Villiers' amazing Six Phantasy String Quartets on a theme of Thomas Tallis the Tank Engine.

An excited Carol Jon McNaughy tweeted: Eees vury nyes zat nous hass dis conferenzay un ve vurkt zoo hart een de making. Aim vurry prood zat Prill Mjaullinz vurk en specilly de logograams gott snowcasst hier avec zein mumuroonz gemutlich. A beeg multumim a nos sponsewers foh de coffernanz, purtikyoulear HUMP und Schplott worrr phantastischk. Antler ze nixt zeit!

Copyright © 1 April 2017 Jabez Hogsbarrow,
London UK


Inaugural London International
Contemporary Composers' Conference

List of attendees :

A Gabriela Four
Aardvark Koeplund
Adolpha Maugham-Villiers
Adriana non Fischver
Alexandra Domenica Scorlatte
Alice Edwarda Algarve
Amadea Mozartiana Gang-Wolff
Amish Mac the Gunn
Ann Jahboch
Antonia Brucknerova
Antonia Lotteria Vivalda Salamandieria
Antonina Dvorscat
Arles Chives
Army Woodfodder Temple Bell Finders Keepers
Avril Ngaire Poisson
Baroness St Hilda of Binguard Ltd
Beethovenia de Earwig
Bertina Engeldinck Umpa
Bertina Shoefrank
Carla Neilsona
Carol Jon McNaughy
Carol Shimmer-nose-sky
Clara Roberta and Wilhelmina Shoemania
Claudia Giuseppina Greenmont
Domenica Dragonateher
Erika Site
Ethel Scythe no more Ladies
Felicia Mendeldottir
Fran Pazkap
Fran Zilissed
Franceast Poolank
Frances 'More Rice the Plank' Ravello
Francesca Cileo
Franklena Worstenmost
Gabriela Jackdawttir
Georgina Enescouscous
Geraldine Fiz
Gerarda Hoffbrauning
Gercia Park Ranger
Glenda Ghoul
Gustava Marla
Huberta Parody
Ian Zenakiss
Ignizia Moschelezia
Ignora Stravinska
Jane Madmanns
Johane McCb
Johanna Brahma
Josephina Franz Hayden
Leoparda Burnstone
Lola Pizzacasta
Maria Carlloyd Webber
Maria Castelnuova-Tedesca
Martina Franc
Modeste Mushogski
Mrs H H Amy 'Dover' Beach
Nan Colinbarrow
Neah J Cog
Nick and Anna Panufrox
Oxton Burr
Petra Ilyinch Tchaikovska
Roaruin Jodrell Giquo
Samuel the demon Barber of Fleet Street Overture
Saul Partridge
Tamas Tamkyns
Tatiana Nikolaieva Rimsky-Korsettsova
Toni Javeren
Victoria Luis de Tomasi
Wilhelmina Birdiebush


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