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Music in a Cold Climate - Sounds of Hansa Europe



Playing time: 67'32"
Tracks: 19
Booklet pages: 16
© 2018 Delphian Records Ltd
Reviewer: Geoff Pearce
Review of Music in a Cold Climate - Sounds of Hansa Europe published on 20 May 2018

In Echo
Bojan Čičić, violin
Anaïs Chen, violin, viola
Emily White, tenor sackbut, violin
Richard Boothby, bass viol
Asako Morikawa, bass viol
William Hunt, violone
Silas Wollston, organ, harpsichord
Gawain Glenton, cornetto, mute cornetto, director

Nicolaus Kempis (fl 1626-1670):

1 Symphonia 1 a 4

William Brade (1560-1630):

2 Der heilig Berg

3 Peggie Bell (first recording)

4 Ein Schottisch Tantz

Antonio Bertali (1605-1669):

5 Sonata a 4

Heinrich Albert (1604-1651):

6 Das Leid ist hier

Johann Sommer (c1570-1627):

7 Paduana 'Susanne un jour'

Thomas Baltzar (c1631-1663):

8 A Prelude for the Violin

9 John come kiss me now

Dietrich Becker (1623-1679):

10 Sonata a 2

Melchior Schildt (c1592-1667):

11 Paduana 'Lagrima'

Anthony Holborne (c1545-1602):

12 Pavan 'The Image of Melancholly'

Andrew Keeling (born 1955):

Northern Soul (2016; first recording)
13 Walk 1
14 Walk 2
15 Walk 3
16 Walk 4

Johann Sommer:

17 Der 8 Psalm

Johann Staden (1581-1634):

18 Sonata 31 a 4 (first recording)

Johann Schop (?-1667):

19 Lachrimae Pavaen

Recorded 1-3 February 2017 in Romsey Abbey, Hampshire, UK

A new signing for Delphian, In Echo is made up of some of Europe's finest young early music specialists. Each a soloist in their own right, under director Gawain Glenton they have put together a fascinating snapshot of the musical landscape during the heyday of the Hanseatic League. The seafaring nations of northern Europe have always been connected: London to Tallinn via Lübeck, Hamburg, Bremen and the ports of Holland, Denmark and Sweden. The sixteenth and seventeenth century composer/musicians on this recording each looked beyond their own shores and toward a sense of shared European culture and understanding. Andrew Keeling's new work Northern Soul was commissioned specially to complement this programme.


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