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GEORGE COLERICK describes how Emmanuel Chabrier
was in sympathy with the new spirit of his age,
opening up new directions which
later composers would follow


French composer Jules Massenet's near contemporary, Emmanuel Chabrier (1841-1894) was not academy trained, but an original who was free to follow his inclinations with a disregard for conventional taste. His idiom was at first widely misunderstood, or considered too unsophisticated, but he was in sympathy with the new spirit of the age, and his work opened up new directions which later composers from Satie to Poulenc, and including Debussy and Ravel, would follow.

Chabrier was attracted to the music of cafés, dance-halls and bull-fights. It was his practical observations entered into his music notebook during a holiday in Spain which led to the composition for which he is popularly known...

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