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Celibidache: You don't do anything - You let it evolve

101 365

NTSC DVD9 4:3 Region 0
PCM Stereo

Playing time: 100'
Chapters: 27(+2)
Booklet pages: 0
© 1992 PARS MEDIA, 2009 Arthaus Musik GmbH
Reviewer: Ioana Osoianu
Review of Celibidache: You don't do anything - You let it evolve published on 28 June 2009

Watch and listen: To beat without any intention (track 14, 51:39-53:05)

Karl Walter Lindenlaub, cinematography
Diethard Prengel, cinematography
Hartmut Tscharke, sound recording
Martin Müller, sound recording
Nina Ergang, film editor
Edith Eisenstecken, film editor
Robert Knon, producer
Jan Schmidt-Garre, producer, director

A feature length portrait of Romanian conductor Sergiu Celibidache by Jan Schmidt-Garre

1 Opening with Bruckner's Mass in F minor
2 How can music emerge?
3 Romanian background
4 'There is no tradition.'
5 'That's It!'
6 A rehearsal with uncountable 'noes'
7 'You have to discover what exists, beyond ourselves.'
8 Rehearsal in the mill
9 Beat technique
10 'Everything is absolute and unique.'
11 'My God, what a smart composition.'
12 Beethoven's Ninth Symphony
13 'Not feel, but experience it. Then it's mine.'
14 To beat without any intention
15 Articulations
16 Learning to conduct
17 The correspondence of sound and man
18 Bruckner: Mass in F minor
19 The coincidence of beginning and end
20 'You don't do anything, you let it evolve.'
21 Tel Aviv, Israel Philharmonic Orchestra
22 Celibidache and the Berlin Philharmonic
23 Conductors - 'Policemen and Sculptors'
24 Bruckner's Fourth Symphony
25 Furtwängler
26 Greatness
27 End Credits


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