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Beyond Beauty

A film about
Sergiu Celibidache -
seen by

'There are no compromises.'

Celibidache - You don't do anything - you let it evolve. A Jan Schmitt-Garre film. © 1992 PARS MEDIA, 2009 Arthaus Musik GmbH

There is little wonder why Schmidt-Garre's film has won the silver medal at the Chicago Film Festival! This film offers us a rare glimpse into the life and world of the phenomenon known as Celibidache.

This material is brought to us by someone who knew the maestro closely and during these one hundred minutes of viewing it enables us to come to know Celibidache a little as teacher, philosopher and musician.

Watch and listen -- 'Romanian Background' -- Verdi: La Forza del Destino
(chapter 3, 9:02-10:57) © 1992 PARS MEDIA, 2009 Arthaus Musik GmbH

Schmidt-Garre includes Celibidache's visit to Romania after the fall of communism, where he received a hero's welcome. His arrival was greatly anticipated and it comes as no surprise as Romania's most celebrated musicians of the time (among them the renowned pianist Dan Grigore) were present to show their support and admiration.

Watch and listen -- Bruckner: Mass in F minor (Munich Philharmonic Choir)
(chapter 6, 21:19-22:46) © 1992 PARS MEDIA, 2009 Arthaus Musik GmbH

In rehearsals and in teaching, nothing is left to chance. There are no compromises. Celibidache points out every element that has not been integrated. The rehearsals of Bruckner and Beethoven are an eye opener for any musician (amateur or professional).

Watch and listen -- Beethoven: First Movement, Symphony No 9
(chapter 12, 44:21-46:04) © 1992 PARS MEDIA, 2009 Arthaus Musik GmbH

This DVD is a rare treat, as there are very few recordings made by or about Celibidache. The maestro was passionate about music, about the connection between music, conductor, orchestra and public. For Celibidache what matters is the living music in the present. He does not believe in trying to prolong the ephemeral quality of music. And I think that Schiller was right and yes, Celibidache went beyond beauty and found the truth.

Copyright © 28 June 2009 Ioana Osoianu,
London UK









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