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Red Priest - Pirates of the Baroque



Playing time: 65'02"
Tracks: 27
Booklet pages: 8
© 2007, 2008 Red Priest Recordings
Reviewer: Howard Smith
Review of Red Priest - Pirates of the Baroque published on 3 May 2017

Listen: Tartini: 'Listen to the Sea' (track 24, 1:09-1:58)

Red Priest:
Piers Adams, recorders (sopranino, sixth flute, soprano, altos in A flat and G, all by Michael Dawson; Alto in F by Tarasov/Mollenhauer, tenor by Adriana Breukink; bass by Andreas Kung; great bass by Yamaha, on loan from Saunders Recorders, Bristol)
Julia Bishop, violin (Tommaso Carcassi, Florence, 1741)
Angela East, cello (Peter Walmsley, England, 1725)
Howard Beach, harpsichord (French double manual instrument built, supplied and tuned by Malcolm Greenhalgh)

Jean-Marie Leclair (1697-1764):
1 Tambourin

Giovanni Paulo Simonetti (Winfried Michel):
Sonata in C minor Op 5 No 2 'La Burrasca' (The Sea Storm)
2 Preludio (Grave)
3 Presto assai
4 Largo
5 Allegro

Tomasso Albinoni (1671-1751) / Remo Giazotto (1910-1998):
6 Adagio

François Couperin (1668-1733):
Suite 'Pirates of the Baroque'
7 Wake Up Call
8 All Hands on Deck
9 Rocked by the Calm Waters
10 A Call to Arms
11 Battle at Sea
12 Disorder
Howard Beach, baritone solo
13 Groans of the Wounded
14 Dancing at the Tavern
15 Seduction
16 The Weary Rogues
17 Overcome by Slumber

Antonio Vivaldi (1676-1741):
Concerto Grosso in D minor RV565
18 Allegro
19 Adagio e Spiccato
20 Allegro
21 Largo
22 Allegro

Tomasso Vitali (1665-1717):
23 Chaconne

Giuseppe Tartini (1692-1770):
24 Senti Lo Mare ('Listen to the Sea')

Antonio Vivaldi:
Concerto in G major 'La Tempesta di Mare' ('The Sea Storm') RV433
25 Allegro
26 Largo
27 Presto


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