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And If The Song Be Worth A Smile - Songs by American Composers

PTC 5186 099

Stereo / Multichannel

Playing time: 68'45"
Tracks: 17
Booklet pages: 36
© 2009 PentaTone Music bv
Reviewer: Howard Smith
Review of And If The Song Be Worth A Smile - Songs by American Composers published on 4 July 2012

Listen: Bolcom: Amor (track 1, 0:02-1:02)

Lisa Delan, soprano
Susanne Mentzer, mezzo-soprano (track 8)
Matt Haimovitz, cello (tracks 8, 12-14, 17)
Kristin Pankonin, piano

William Bolcom (born 1938):
Four Cabaret Songs (Arnold Weinstein)
1 Amor
2 Oh Close the Curtain
3 Waitin
4 Toothbrush Time

Gordon Getty (born 1933):
Poor Peter (poems by the composer)
5 Where is My Lady
6 Tune the Fiddle
7 The Ballad of Poor Peter

Jake Heggie (born 1961):
Four Songs
8 My true love hath my heart (poem by Sir Philip Sidney)
9 Barb'ry Allen (American folk song setting)
10 He's gone away (American folk song setting)
11 The Leather-Winged Bat (American folk song setting)

David Garner (born 1954):
Annettes-Lieder (poems by Annette von Droste-Hülshoff)
12 Im Grase
13 Am Turm
14 Der Weiher

John Corigliano (born 1938):
Two Cabaret Songs (poems by Mark Adamo)
15 Dodecaphonia
16 Marvelous Invention

Luna Pearl Woolf (born 1973)
17 Odas de Todo el Mundo (poem by Pablo Neruda)


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