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The Billy Collins Suite - Songs inspired by his poetry

CDR 90000 115

24 bit digital recording

Playing time: 54'45"
Tracks: 11
Booklet pages: 36
© 2009 Cedille Records
Reviewer: Howard Smith
Review of The Billy Collins Suite - Songs inspired by his poetry published on 28 March 2013

Listen: Lita Grier: Dancing Towards Bethlehem (track 10, 1:49-2:41)

Pierre Jalbert (born 1967):
1 The Invention of the Saxophone
Susan Cook, saxophone
Yoko Yamada-Selvaggio, piano
Steve Robinson, narrator

2 Stacy Garrop (born 1969):
Ars Poetica
2 Introduction to Poetry
3 Sonnet
4 Vade Mecum
5 Endangered
Buffy Baggott, mezzo-soprano
Lincoln Trio:
Desirée Ruhstrat, violin
David Cunliffe, cello
Marta Aznavorian, piano

Vivian Fung (born 1975):
6 Insomnia
7 The Man in the Moon
8 The Willies
John Bruce Yeh, clarinet
David Cunliffe, cello
Marta Aznavoorian, piano
Steve Robinson, narrator

Lita Grier (born 1937):
9 Forgetfulness
10 Dancing Towards Bethlehem
Jonathan Beyer, baritone
John Bruce Yeh, clarinet
John Goodwin, piano

Zhou Tian (born 1981):
11 Reading an Anthology of Chinese Poems of the Sung Dynasty, I Pause To Admire the Length and Clarity of Their Titles
Tim Munro, flute
Joel Link, viola
Nuiko Wadden, harp
Steve Robinson, narrator


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