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A selection of M&V 'Stephen Barlow' articles

Ensemble. Terrific Energy - A short double bill from Buxton's Young Artists programme, reviewed by Mike Wheeler

Ensemble. Colourful Treatment - French comedies launch the Buxton Festival, reviewed by Mike Wheeler

Ensemble. An Annual Delight - Maria Nockin visits Santa Fe for the summer opera season

Convincing Opera? - Gregory Moomjy discusses what works on stage

Ensemble. First-class Second-rate Strauss - Mike Wheeler visits the Buxton Festival

Ensemble. Emotional Awakening - More from the Buxton Festival, with Mike Wheeler

Ensemble. An Important Milestone - Robert Hugill was at Grange Park Opera's 'Tristan and Isolde'

Ensemble. Limpid Clarity - 'The Barber of Baghdad' by Peter Cornelius, experienced by Mike Wheeler

Ensemble. Contemporary Resonance - Grange Park Opera's 'Capriccio', enjoyed by Robert Hugill

Ensemble. A Notable Success - Grange Park Opera's 'Norma', reviewed by Robert Hugill

Ensemble. Traditional or Radical? - Dvorák's 'Rusalka' at Grange Park Opera, reviewed by Robert Hugill

Ensemble. A Remarkable Achievement - Stephen Barlow's cathedral opera 'King', reviewed by Robert Hugill


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