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British Song - Lennox Berkeley, Elisabeth Lutyens, Jonathan Harvey, Gordon Crosse and Peter Dickinson



Playing time: 77'45"
Tracks: 34
Booklet pages: 16
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Listen: Jonathan Harvey: Chanson d'après-midi (Correspondances) (track 5, 0:00-1:09)

Meriel Dickinson, mezzo-soprano
Peter Dickinson, piano

Peter Dickinson:
1 Surrealist Landscape (1973) (Lord Berners)

Jonathan Harvey:
Correspondances (1975) (Baudelaire)
2 La mort
3 Bénédiction
4 Elévation
5 Chanson d'après-midi

Lennox Berkeley:
Chinese Songs, Op 78 (1971)
6 People hide their love
7 The autumn wind
8 Dreaming of a dead lady
9 Late spring
10 The riverside village

Gordon Crosse:
The New World (1969) (Ted Hughes)
11 It is not long
12 When the star was on her brow
13 A star stands on her forehead
14 I said goodbye to the earth
15 The street was empty
16 Where did we go?

Peter Dickinson:
Extravaganzas (1963-9) (Gregory Corso)
17 The streetsinger
18 Outside the wall
19 Death weeps
20 I hang old photos
21 Four windmills
22 O people!
23 Mrs Lombardi's month-old son is dead
24 Last night I drove a car

Elisabeth Luytens:
Stevie Smith Songs (1948-53)
25 Progression
26 The songster
27 Up and down
28 Ceux qui luttent
29 Be off!
30 Lady 'Rogue' Singleton
31 The film star
32 The actress
33 The repentance of Lady T
34 Pad, pad

Recorded 18 March 1974 at Conway Hall, London UK (tracks 6-24) and 14 October 1978 at Rosslyn Hill Unitarian Chapel, Hampstead, London UK (tracks 1-5 and 25-34)


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