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Balfe: Satanella

8.660378-79 (2 discs)


Playing time: 111'46"
Tracks: 19 + 12
Booklet pages: 16
© 2016 Naxos Rights US Inc
Reviewer: Gerald Fenech
Review of Balfe: Satanella published on 15 May 2016

Kang Wang, tenor - Count Rupert, a landowner
Quentin Hayes, baritone - Hortensius, tutor to the Count
Anthony Gregory, baritone - Karl, manservant
Trevor Bowes, bass - Arimanes, a fiend
Frank Church, baritore - Bracaccio, leader of the pirates
Sally Silver, soprano - Satanella, a female Demon
Christine Tocci, mezzo-soprano - Stella, a Princess
Catherine Carby, soprano - Lelia, foster sister to Count Rupert
Elizabeth Sikora, mezzo-soprano, First Lady
John Powell Singers
John Powell, chorus master
Victorian Opera Orchestra
Pia Oliver, leader
Richard Bonynge, conductor

Michael William Balfe (1808-1870):

Satanella, or The Power of Love, a romantic English opera in four acts, with libretto by Augustus Harris and Edmund Falconer, using a new performing edition by Richard Bonynge (first recording)


1 Preludio

Act I
Scene 1: The Palace and Gardens of Count Rupert
2 Donor of this lordly fete
3 Thanks, thanks my friends
4 My heart is not my own
5 My Lords, I pray you judge
Scene 2: A Gothic library in the Demon's tower
6 Oh! would she but name
7 What daring mortal
8 When fortune frowns
9 Myself once more
10 There's a power whose sway

Act II
Scene 1: A magnificent hall
11 Ah me, how wretched
12 An angel form in dreams
Scene 2: A sea coast
13 Rovers, rulers of the sea
14 My brave companions
Scene 3: Lelia's cottage by the coast
15 Ah! me, too human thou
16 Smile, oh Heaven!
17 To Hymen's love-crowned altar
18 The Priest, now robed
19 Up and arm ye, every brave


Scene 1: A Cavern
1 Upwards from the nether world
2 Tho' the angry bolt has sped
Scene 2: The bazaar and slave market
3 Merry Tunis, ope' thy mart
4 A fair Circassian
5 Oh, woe! despair!
6 Sultana Zulema
7 Would'st thou win me
8 No rival shares a throne

Act IV: The Demon's tower
9 Haste, lovers, haste
10 No prize can fate
11 Dread shadow, speak
12 Oh, tenderness sublime

Recorded 5-6 July 2014 at Urmston Grammar, Manchester, England


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