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Nicola Porpora's
'L'Amato Nome' -
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'Stile Galante deliver performances that are sensitive, intelligent and beautifully controlled with the singing in particular being stylish and elegant yet consistently expressive and linguistically meticulous.'

Porpora: L'amato nome. © 2018 note 1 music gmbh

Nicola Porpora (1686-1768) was not only one of the most esteemed Italian composers of his time, but by chance or through destiny he had to be an exact contemporary of G F Handel, and history has it that the former was, for artistic exigencies, used against the latter to curb Handel's strong influence on the English public. Porpora arrived in London for the 1733/34 season, having been invited to participate in the launch of a new theatrical company founded with the specific aim to break Handel's almost total monopoly in the production of 'drammi per musica'. The driving energy behind this enterprise came from the famous poet Paolo Rolli and the celebrated singer Francesco Bernardi known as 'Il Senesino', but these two artists alone could do nothing without the vital political support needed...

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