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J S Bach: St Matthew Passion

ORC100007 (2 discs)


Playing time: 79'58"/77'45" - TT 157'43"
Tracks: 37+31
Booklet pages: 32
© 2009 Orchid Music Limited
Reviewer: Howard Smith
Review of J S Bach: St Matthew Passion published on 3 March 2010

Listen: My Saviour, Jesus, now is taken (CD1 track 27, 1:30-2:31)

Grave Davidson, Soprano I
Mark Chambers, Alto I
Jeremy Budd, Evangelist and Tenor I
Eamonn Dougan, Jesus and Bass I
Greg Skidmore, Pilate and Bass I
Natalie Clifton-Griffith, Soprano II
Matthew Venner, Alto II
Christopher Watson, Tenor II
James Birchall, Bass II
Ex Cathedra Choir and Baroque Orchestra
Jeffrey Skidmore, conductor

Johann Sebastian Bach (1685-1750):

St Matthew Passion, BWV 244

Part 1


1 Come, you daughters (Chorus I and II, Soprano in ripieno)
2 When Jesus had finished saying these things (recit, Evangelist, Jesus)
3 O blessed Jesu (chorale)
4 At that time there assembled (recit, Evangelist, Chorus I and II, Jesus)
5 My Master and my Lord (recit, Alto I)
6 Grief for sin rends the guilty heart within (aria, Alto I)
7 Then one of the twelve, whose name was Judas (recit, Evangelist, Judas)
8 Break in grief, O loving heart (aria, Soprano II)
9 On the first day of Unleavened Bread (recit, Evangelist, Chorus I, Jesus)
10 It's I whose sins have bound you (chorale)
11 The one who has dipped his hand in the bowl with me (recit, Evangelist, Jesus, Judas)
12 Although our eyes with tears o'erflow (recit, Soprano I)
13 Jesu, Saviour, I am yours (aria, Soprano 1)
14 This night you will all be disillusioned with me (recit, Evangelist, Jesus)
15 Receive me, my Redeemer (chorale)
16 You will deny me three times (recit, Evangelist, Peter, Jesus)
17 I want to stand beside you (chorale)
18 My soul is deeply troubled, even to death (recit, Evangelist, Jesus)
19 The powers of darkness overtake him (recit and chorale, Tenor I, Chorus II)
20 And so our sins will fall away (aria and chorus, Tenor I, Chorus II)
21 Let this cup pass from me (recit, Evangelist, Jesus)
22 He is prepared to drink the cup of bitterness and death (recit, Bass II)
23 Never will I choose to leave him (aria, Bass II)
24 The spirit is willing, but the flesh is weak (recit, Evangelist, Jesus)
25 In our distress you still will bless (chorale)
26 My betrayer is at hand (recit, Evangelist, Jesus, Judas)
27 My Saviour, Jesus, now is taken (aria and chorus, Soprano I, Alto I, Chorus I and II)
28 Have you all come out with swords and clubs to arrest me? (recit, Evangelist, Jesus)
29 O World, your sinful ways lament (chorale)

Part II

30 Ah! Now is my Saviour gone! (aria and chorus, Alto I, Chorus II)
31 And those who had arrested Jesus (recit, Evangelist)
32 How falsely does the world accuse! (chorale)
33 Though many false witnesses came forward (recit, Evangelist, False Witnesses, High Priest)
34 My Lord stays silent, though men accuse him falsely (recit, Tenor II)
35 Endure through lies and taunts and slander (aria, Tenor II)
36 He has spoken blasphemy! (recit, Evangelist, High Priest, Jesus, Chorus I and II)
37 O Lord, who dares to strike you (chorale)


1 I do not know the man! (recit, Evangelist, First Maid, Peter, Second Maid, Chorus II)
2 Have mercy, Lord, on me (aria, Alto I)
3 Lamb of God, I fail before you (chorale)
4 I have done evil by betraying innocent blood (recit, Evangelist, Judas, Chorus I and II, Chief Priests)
5 Give, O give me back my Saviour (aria, Bass II)
6 Are you the King of the Jews? (recit, Evangelist, Pilate, Jesus)
7 Commit your way to Jesus (chorale)
8 Have him crucified! (recit, Evangelist, Pilate, Pilate's wife, Chorus I and II)
9 Amazing love, this sacrifice to offer (chorale)
10 But why, what evil has he done? (recit, Evangelist, Pilate)
11 To all men Jesus has done good (recit, Soprano I)
12 For love my Saviour now is dying (aria, Soprano I)
13 His blood be on us and on our children (recit, Evangelist, Chorus I and II, Pilate)
14 Have pity, God! (recit, Alto II)
15 Let my heart an offering be (aria, Alto II)
16 Hail, King of the Jews! (recit, Evangelist, Chorus I and II)
17 In this your bitter Passion, Good Shepherd, think of me (chorale)
18 Then they led him away to be crucified (recit, Evangelist)
19 That which yields the greatest gain involves the sharpest pain (recit, Bass I)
20 Come, healing Cross! (aria, Bass I)
21 If you are the Son of God, come down from the cross (recit, Evangelist, Chorus I and II)
22 Ah, Golgotha! Unhappy Golgotha! (recit, Alto I)
23 Living, dying, rest you here (aria and chorus, Alto I, Chorus II)
24 My God, my God, why have you forsaken me? (recit, Evangelist, Jesus, Chorus I and II)
25 Be near me, Lord, when dying (chorale)
26 And then, at once, the veil of the temple was torn in two (recit, Evangelist, Chorus I and II)
27 At evening, hour of calm and rest, was Adam's fall made manifest (recit, Bass I)
28 World, depart! Let Jesus in! (aria, Bass I)
29 So Joseph took the body (recit, Evangelist, Chorus I and II, Pilate)
30 And now the Lord is laid to rest (recit, Bass I, Tenor I, Alto I,Soprano I, Chorus II)
31 In tears of grief, dear Lord, we leave you (chorus, Chorus I and II)


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