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Over the years we've run the following special series and features. Where available, this page links to the home page for each series. Otherwise, if the link is to the most recently published article in the series, it's possible to follow the series through by selecting the links to the next article at the bottom right of each page.

Ask Alice - Alice McVeigh, 2003-2015

Book reviews - various authors, 1999-2014

By the way - Richard Graves, 1999-2000

CD reviews - various authors, 1999-2015

Classical Concert Listings - 1999-2015

Classical Music News - various authors, 1999-2015

Concert reviews - various authors, 1999-2015

DVD reviews - various authors, 2003-2015

Editorial Musings - Basil Ramsey, 1999-2006

emuse - Jeff Talman, 2000
Sound and Technology from the Artist's Perspective

Harmony - Functional and dysfunctional - Wilfrid Mellers, 1999.
Wilfrid Mellers has a reputation for writing about music with exceptional perception. This study of harmony in its development during the 19th century was written for our opening issues.

Life around the Piano - Jaqueline C Tu, 2013

Musical Tidbits - Andrew Schartmann, 2013

Opera reviews - various authors, 1999-2015

MV3 - Gordon Rumson and Keith Bramich, 2001

Pianos and Pianists - Ates Orga, 1999-2000

Planning your collection - Bill Newman, 2000

Profile - interviews, tributes and profiles - various authors, 1999-2015

Provocative Thoughts - Patric Standford, 2001-2008

Rejected reviews or, works that got away - Trevor Hold, 2000

Reminiscent Retrospectives - Jennifer Paull, 2001-2002 & 2005

Site Seeing - Keith Bramich, 1999-2003

The Rightness of Gurney - Roderic Dunnett, 1999-2000

A Survivor's Guide to 20th Century Music - Peter Dale, 1999
A fast-track graduation course in making your peace with the music of our time and in sweeping the house clean for the next millennium

Three Questions before the First Night - Carson Cooman, 2005-2007

Timings - Thoughts about the quirkiness of some of music's hidden secrets - Jennifer Paull, 2005-2010



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