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A Dark 'Trovatore'

Verdi from Cagliari


Even though Il Trovatore is one of the three Verdi operas generally referred to as the 'popular trilogy', it seems now not to be as often performed as the other two — Rigoletto and La Traviata. In the latter part of the twentieth century, musicologists considered it a step backward from Rigoletto because of its unabashedly formalistic approach when compared with the freer form of the previous operas.

More recently, it has been generally accepted that Il Trovatore has a great deal of innovation: each of its eight scenes is a complex musical number by itself based on a specific theme although within each scene there are arias, duets and trios. Also, within each scene/number, homage is paid to Donizetti's melodrama and even to Bellini's belcanto...

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