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Music and Media Consulting

Music and Media Consulting Limited is a UK-based private company owned and run by John Cronin. It provides a range of services, (predominantly in the classical, jazz and world music genres) which include label and product management, marketing, press and promotion, sales and distribution, publishing and artist management. The company's own label, MMC Recordings, was launched in 2009, and distributed labels include Divine Art, Diversions, Gramola and Nimbus Records.

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A selection of M&V articles about Music and Media Consulting

CD Spotlight. Stunningly Performed - Trios by Schumann, Smit, Mozart and Françaix, recommended by Geoff Pearce. 'Music is in fine hands for the future with young artists of this calibre.'

CD Spotlight. Genuine Appreciation - Piano music by Richard Fowles in homage to Erik Satie, appreciated by Paul Sarcich. 'Christina McMaster is fully sensitive to the spirit of the enterprise ...'

CD Spotlight. Well Worth Exploring - Music by Marshall, Bryars and Pärt, heard by the late Howard Smith. '... refreshing immediacy and striking originality ...'

CD Spotlight. Crossover Soprano - A recital by Rebecca Newman, heard by the late Howard Smith. 'The singer's voice is firm with secure intonation ...'

CD Spotlight. Spirituality and Psychosis - Music improvised by Sophie Harris, heard by Howard Smith. '... clear qualities ...'


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