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A selection of M&V 'Howells' articles

Ensemble. Sorcerers and Apprentices - Collaborative organ performances at Derby Cathedral by Peter Gould, Tom Corfield, Christopher Johns, Ben Bloor and Sachin Gunga delight Tony Westerman

Majesty, Moment and Control - Ben Bloor's concluding recital for Derby Cathedral's 2010 summer organ series impresses Tony Westerman

Ensemble. A Unifying Mood - A new song cycle by Julian Dawes, heard by Malcolm Miller

Bizarre Perception - Alistair Hinton discusses a recent article on English music by David Hamilton

Youthful Freshness - Gareth Green gives the final organ recital in Derby Cathedral's summer series, and Mike Wheeler was in the audience

Compelling Effect - Malcolm Archer at the organ of Derby Cathedral, reviewed by Mike Wheeler

Bold and Forthright - Marcus Huxley played at Derby Cathedral, and Mike Wheeler was there

Record box. Choral textures - An anniversary CD by an English cathedral choir, welcomed by Patric Standford

CD Spotlight. Exuberant performances - Howells Canticles from the Collegiate Singers, reviewed by Rex Harley. 'The balance of the choir is near perfect ...'

Second sight. Music with Wilfrid Mellers - The rough and the smooth

Record box. Cathedral setting - Howells in ecclesiastical mode, by Basil Ramsey

Record box - Drawing out. Herbert Howells on CD, considered by Basil Ramsey


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