A Music and Vision miscellany

Russian Political Satire - George Colerick writes about Nikolai Rimsky Korsakov's extraordinary opera 'The Golden Cockerel'

You spotted snakes - George Colerick muses on incidental music, with particular regard to Mendelssohn

Don't Forget the Singing - Richard Meszto previews Calgary Concert Opera Company's performances of 'La Traviata'

It's Never Too Late - Gloria DeVidas Kirchheimer on the advantages of age when learning the piano

Youthful Hilarity - George Colerick discusses comedy in Giuseppe Verdi's early opera 'Un Giorno di Regno'

Opera versus Mafia - Giuseppe Pennisi talks to Francesco Giambrone, Superindent of Teatro Massimo di Palermo

Peace through Music - Giuseppe Pennisi reports on Christmas concerts in the Holy Land

Dies Irae - George Colerick takes a look at secular and romantic uses of the old Latin hymn

Thus Spoke Nietzsche - Daniel Sampaio marks some interesting anniversaries

Memorable Distinction - Halida Dinova brings her Liszt to New Zealand, by Howard Smith

Seymour: An Introduction - The piano teacher everyone should have, by Karen Haid

Appallingly Complex - George Colerick claims that the Nazis approved of Bizet

Experts on Morality? - Geoff Pearce discusses intolerance in public life

Play, Reggio, Play! - Marching in the name of music, with Karen Haid

Mixed Reviews - Gregory Moomjy discusses docu-opera, bad language, taboo subjects and negative reviews in the context of Mark-Anthony Turnage's 'Anna Nicole'

Radojkovic in Lower Hutt - Howard Smith describes the Serbian pianist's return to New Zealand

Subliminal Messages - Evoke your musical senses with Vermeer, by Ellen MacDonald-Kramer

Andrew Schartmann's Musical Tidbits - The 'Physics' of Music. On Musical Momentum and its Compositional Implications

Andrew Schartmann's Musical Tidbits - Two tales of the Rising Sun. On Depicting Nature in Music

The Magic of Performance - Part II - On the Elusive Nature of the Nationalist Spirit in Music, by Andrew Schartmann

The Magic of Performance - Part I - Some thoughts on the performing artist's role in the 21st century, by Andrew Schartmann

Life around the Piano - Pianos and Wine - Jaqueline C Tu compares the selection of alcohol and musical instruments

Andrew Schartmann's Musical Tidbits - A Change of Face. 'Character Development' in Mozart's Symphony in G minor, K 183

Andrew Schartmann's Musical Tidbits - Listening with New Ears. A Listening Strategy for Webern's String Trio

Andrew Schartmann's Musical Tidbits - An Exercise in Self-Constraint. Non-conventional Harmony in Poulenc's Sonata for Flute and Piano

Life around the Piano - In the first of a new series, Jaqueline C Tu describes a tussle with a small pianist

Andrew Schartmann's Musical Tidbits - From Pedantry to Masterwork. A Note on Chopin's Étude in C major, Op 10, No 1

Andrew Schartmann's Musical Tidbits - Servant to no one. In the first of an occasional series, Andrew Schartmann examines Beethoven's Op 2 No 2 and the rise of the romantic artist

Convincing Opera? - Gregory Moomjy discusses what works on stage

Merely Addictive? - Music and 'Godhead: The Brain's Big Bang', explored by Gordon Rumson

New Contexts - Malcolm Miller reports on a recent Symposium on Beethoven's Diabelli Variations

Think Again - A Late Review of Anvil (and some musings on Classical Music Equivalents), by Gordon Rumson

Protect and Survive - Mike Wheeler was at the Annual Conference of the Association of British Orchestras

An Interdisciplinary Field - Two contemporary music festivals in Rome, described by Giuseppe Pennisi

Heroes Step Up in Crisis - The Muti era lays claim to Chicago, by Barbara Sealock

Masks - Jennifer Paull continues her investigation of musical and theatrical masks

Flowers of Light - Puccini's 'I crisantemi' as a pedagogical tool for piano performance majors, by Heidi Lowy

Masks - Jennifer Paull investigates a layering of musical and theatrical masks, with the omnipresent eerie reminder of the gas mask

His Forever - My Love Affair with Johann Sebastian Bach, by Gloria DeVidas Kirchheimer

Ninety Stars are Born - Giuseppe Pennisi tours Austria with a young Italian symphony orchestra

This fascinating collection of articles is formed from features which don't belong to any of our existing categories, such as reviews, profiles or editorials.

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