A Music and Vision miscellany

George Flynn in Chicago - Esdras Mugatik looks forward to a concert on 27 January 2019

2019 Music Festivals - Keith Bramich invites you to add classical music festivals to our online listings

Write for us - Editor Keith Bramich's comments and tips on contributing to this online magazine, twenty years on

Tempo Calculated - Teun Van de Steeg finds evidence of a missing link in our perception of music

Music in Kentish Town - Endre Anaru looks forward to an orchestral concert in London later this week featuring the first performance of a new Canadian violin concerto

Russian Political Satire - George Colerick writes about Nikolai Rimsky Korsakov's extraordinary opera 'The Golden Cockerel'

You spotted snakes - George Colerick muses on incidental music, with particular regard to Mendelssohn

Don't Forget the Singing - Richard Meszto previews Calgary Concert Opera Company's performances of 'La Traviata'

It's Never Too Late - Gloria DeVidas Kirchheimer on the advantages of age when learning the piano

Youthful Hilarity - George Colerick discusses comedy in Giuseppe Verdi's early opera 'Un Giorno di Regno'

Opera versus Mafia - Giuseppe Pennisi talks to Francesco Giambrone, Superindent of Teatro Massimo di Palermo

Peace through Music - Giuseppe Pennisi reports on Christmas concerts in the Holy Land

Dies Irae - George Colerick takes a look at secular and romantic uses of the old Latin hymn

Thus Spoke Nietzsche - Daniel Sampaio marks some interesting anniversaries

Memorable Distinction - Halida Dinova brings her Liszt to New Zealand, by Howard Smith

Seymour: An Introduction - The piano teacher everyone should have, by Karen Haid

Appallingly Complex - George Colerick claims that the Nazis approved of Bizet

Experts on Morality? - Geoff Pearce discusses intolerance in public life

Play, Reggio, Play! - Marching in the name of music, with Karen Haid

Mixed Reviews - Gregory Moomjy discusses docu-opera, bad language, taboo subjects and negative reviews in the context of Mark-Anthony Turnage's 'Anna Nicole'

Radojkovic in Lower Hutt - Howard Smith describes the Serbian pianist's return to New Zealand

Subliminal Messages - Evoke your musical senses with Vermeer, by Ellen MacDonald-Kramer

Andrew Schartmann's Musical Tidbits - The 'Physics' of Music. On Musical Momentum and its Compositional Implications

Andrew Schartmann's Musical Tidbits - Two tales of the Rising Sun. On Depicting Nature in Music

The Magic of Performance - Part II - On the Elusive Nature of the Nationalist Spirit in Music, by Andrew Schartmann

The Magic of Performance - Part I - Some thoughts on the performing artist's role in the 21st century, by Andrew Schartmann

Life around the Piano - Pianos and Wine - Jaqueline C Tu compares the selection of alcohol and musical instruments

Andrew Schartmann's Musical Tidbits - A Change of Face. 'Character Development' in Mozart's Symphony in G minor, K 183

Andrew Schartmann's Musical Tidbits - Listening with New Ears. A Listening Strategy for Webern's String Trio

Andrew Schartmann's Musical Tidbits - An Exercise in Self-Constraint. Non-conventional Harmony in Poulenc's Sonata for Flute and Piano

Life around the Piano - In the first of a new series, Jaqueline C Tu describes a tussle with a small pianist

Andrew Schartmann's Musical Tidbits - From Pedantry to Masterwork. A Note on Chopin's Étude in C major, Op 10, No 1

Andrew Schartmann's Musical Tidbits - Servant to no one. In the first of an occasional series, Andrew Schartmann examines Beethoven's Op 2 No 2 and the rise of the romantic artist

Convincing Opera? - Gregory Moomjy discusses what works on stage

Merely Addictive? - Music and 'Godhead: The Brain's Big Bang', explored by Gordon Rumson

New Contexts - Malcolm Miller reports on a recent Symposium on Beethoven's Diabelli Variations

Think Again - A Late Review of Anvil (and some musings on Classical Music Equivalents), by Gordon Rumson

Protect and Survive - Mike Wheeler was at the Annual Conference of the Association of British Orchestras

An Interdisciplinary Field - Two contemporary music festivals in Rome, described by Giuseppe Pennisi

Heroes Step Up in Crisis - The Muti era lays claim to Chicago, by Barbara Sealock

This fascinating collection of articles is formed from features which don't belong to any of our existing categories, such as reviews, profiles or editorials.

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