A Music and Vision miscellany

An Interdisciplinary Field - Two contemporary music festivals in Rome, described by Giuseppe Pennisi

Heroes Step Up in Crisis - The Muti era lays claim to Chicago, by Barbara Sealock

Masks - Jennifer Paull continues her investigation of musical and theatrical masks

Flowers of Light - Puccini's 'I crisantemi' as a pedagogical tool for piano performance majors, by Heidi Lowy

Masks - Jennifer Paull investigates a layering of musical and theatrical masks, with the omnipresent eerie reminder of the gas mask

His Forever - My Love Affair with Johann Sebastian Bach, by Gloria DeVidas Kirchheimer

Ninety Stars are Born - Giuseppe Pennisi tours Austria with a young Italian symphony orchestra

Dual Personality? - In the 20th anniversary year of Bernstein's death, Giuseppe Pennisi writes about Italy's homage to Lenny

Low cost, but effective - 'Tosca' and 'Butterfly' with live electronics, by Giuseppe Pennisi

Ready for 2010 - Carolyn Ellis deals with a not so pleasant Christmas surprise

Slaying 'The Dragon' - Carolyn Ellis writes about her battle with Gershwin and the metronome

A dream come true - Carolyn Ellis on buying a new piano

Bizarre Perception - Alistair Hinton discusses a recent article on English music by David Hamilton

The Philosophy of Absence - Jennifer Paull investigates four releases of Cage's Number Pieces

Balancing Act - Beethoven in E flat, with Julian Jacobson and friends

Making a Real Fuss - Robert Hugill looks forward to English Touring Opera's HandelFest this autumn

Life and Other Distractions - Béla Hartmann writes about the relevance of biography to an appreciation of the arts

Music for Musicians Only? - The public turns a deaf ear to improvised music. As for classical music, Jan Dahlstedt claims that having abandoned improvisation, classical music entered a sidetrack from which it has never escaped, thus badly stifling creative progress. If he is guilty of heresy or may have a point, read on and judge for yourself.

The Composer's Conundrum? - Alistair Hinton comments on Gordon Rumson's recent article

The Composer's Conundrum - Gordon Rumson has some bad news about creativity and self-promotion

Music Lessons - Cleo Huang describes the unusual way in which music helped her to cope with her life

The Pianist as Elocutionist - Gordon Rumson airs his issues on the art-form as part of a book-length study

A Stressful Collaboration - Gerard Schurmann describes his involvement with the music score for 'Lawrence of Arabia'

Pure Fashion? - Several Composers in Search of an Identity, by Béla Hartmann

The Musician's Guide to Having an MRI - In an occasional series 'The Musician's Guides', Jennifer Paull offers a few tips for survival when confronted with being the square musical peg in a round musical hole

Dimensions of Night - Gordon Rumson previews a new work for piano by Larry Sitsky

Hall of Fame - Kelly Ferjutz reports on the induction of the Cleveland Orchestra

Murdering Classical Music - A Speculative History of the Present, by Gordon Rumson

Assuming the Helm - Roderic Dunnett reports on two new appointments at the Théâtre de la Monnaie in Brussels

A Cornucopia - Maria Nockin introduces San Diego Opera's new season

Opposing Strengths - Beethoven and his music, by Margaret Willson

Original and Brilliant - Trevor Barrett considers Dvorák's 'New World Symphony' as the most important symphonic work in American history

Fishy Ripples? - Red Herrings Spawn in Rough Blogoon Waters, by Jennifer Paull

Changing Tastes - Ciaran McAuley on the rejuvenation of opera

Elgar and Englishness - Alistair Hinton takes issue with Patric Standford's recent 'Provocative Thoughts'

The bottom of my lis(z)t?? - Alistair Hinton comments on Patric Standford's recent Provocative Thoughts

The End of an Adventure - Kelly Ferjutz marks the end of an era in American classical music radio

The Meaning of Friendship? - Kelly Ferjutz tells the story of Richard Waugh and his friend Charles Barr

Limitless Combinatorics - Eric Pettine postulates 'No Shortage of Melodies Anytime Soon', and offers some real hope for cynical musicians who think they've heard it all

The Wandering Traveller - Kelly Ferjutz delves further into Richard Wagner and the forthcoming symposium in Ohio

This fascinating collection of articles is formed from features which don't belong to any of our existing categories, such as reviews, profiles or editorials.

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